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Text Permohonan ketika terjadi penipuan Software

Apabila Anda mengalami penipuan ketika membeli sebuah software dengan menggunakan Paypal, dimana mungkin keadaan software yang Anda pakai tidak bisa digunakan, corrupt, dll, gunakan Text ini untuk mengirimkan permintaan Dispute ke Paypal, agar uang Anda bisa kembali.

The software I received is not working. I have been contact the developers at saturday, february 1, 2020. The developers said if they need 24-48 hour to solve the issue. But since that days, I contacted them (and othe my team also contact them too) but there is no response. I has been several times contact them with different time (morning, night) but still no response. I want my money back, because the items I received is broken/ damage and can’not used

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